Are you planning a research or management project? Do you have a complex ecological problem to solve or a set of research objectives to achieve? The Wildlifers can help you to develop plans, acquire knowledge, achieve objectives, identify obstacles, and so much more.

The Wildlifers offer a wide range of research services such as GIS, remote sensing, statistical analysis, project design, and critical literature reviews. We also offer services such as wildlife and habitat management, ecological monitoring and assessment, and habitat restoration and conservation.

Every Wildlifers study—be it research, management, or planning—is individually designed and executed. We find solutions or explanations to problems by learning from the literature, making careful field observations, and interpreting the data using deductive reasoning and insight. We strive to maintain the highest scientific standards and provide objective presentation of data.

The Wildlifers provide thorough, clear, and timely information. We are keenly aware of budget, time, labor, equipment, and accessibility constraints—and strive to work within these limitations. We are an inquisitive and determined group of professionals—always questioning accepted scientific principles and developing new scientific theories. And always willing to revise studies as our knowledge increases with the accumulation of new information.

The Wildlifers serve government agencies, private organizations, industries, universities, students, and others—locally and around the world. If you require a service not listed above, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we can accommodate your individual needs.
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