The Wildlifers offer a variety of educational services intended for either public or professional audiences. We happily assist individuals, organizations, and agencies that do not have the time or expertise to design and produce professional-quality educational materials in-house. The Wildlifers provide the following educational services:
About Us
· Videography
· Graphic Design & Production
· Literature Searches & Reviews
· Presentations
The Wildlifers strive to transform conventional—often archaic—ideas about the environment into new ways of thinking and solving the ecological challenges we face today. As a society, we must first change the way we think and then change the way we act. The Wildlifers is especially interested in projects promoting one or more of the following long-term benefits:
· Helping people learn new and more effective ways of examining,
evaluating, and synthesizing scientific information.
· Enhancing learning experiences that will last a lifetime.
· Designing new approaches to existing scientific learning experiences.
· Developing state-of-the-art multimedia tools to promote environmental
· Stimulating public discussion and debate.
· Increasing the scientific literacy of the general public.
· Attracting new volunteers seeking involvement with conservation.
· Developing effective means of disseminating standardized educational
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"The plea of ignorance will never take away
our responsibilities."
Educational Services